AAXA P3 Pico Projector with Pocket size


The P3 Pico projector is AAXA’s ultimate form of Pico projectors as well as facilities a category-leading 1024×600 wide-screen resolution. Powered by AAXA’s 15,000 hour triple-LED record well known as Vibrant Color a P3 produces 50 rise lumens of liughtness as well as is means of handling for 65 mins upon a singular battery charge. Coupled with a Liquid Crystal upon Silicon (LCoS) imager a AAXA P3 is means to furnish “big, bright, shining images” whilst powered by a onboard battery or plugged in to a power-source.

ortable Entertainment Power House

Additionally a AAXA P3 facilities a full sized HDMI pier that allows easy tie with a far-reaching form of media sources together with smart-phones, tablets, DVD players, as well as laptops. Finally, with a onboard one-watt speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as combination video jack a P3 can renovate in to a loyal unstable party power-house.

Highest Resolution for a Pico Projector

Through a Liquid Crystal upon Silicon (LCoS) imager a P3 delivers highest-in-class fortitude of 1024×600 (WSVGA) that is 30% some-more pixels than many alternative pico projectors.

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