Elite Screens ER120GH1 SableFrame Fixed Projection Screen


The SableFrame from Elite Screens is written to be the end-all, be all resolution for the immeasurable infancy of those looking to step-up their home theaters though carrying to mangle the bank. Draped with Elite’s award-winning CineWhite material, the Sable array has far-reaching freeing unity to yield next to liughtness from any observation location. This pointing written neutral white gives transparent tone facsimile as good as is black-backed to discharge neglected light penetration. The SableFrame’s pattern includes the in vogue contoured support as good as black velvet surfacing which soaks up additional light mistake ordinarily thrown from projectors. The support has the 2.36″ density which assembles in minutes, as good as the shifting wall mounts concede the SableFrame to be ideally centered the initial time with each installation. Now some-more than ever, the SableFrame is the confidant step by Elite in to the area of DIY home drama technology.

Multiple Sizes

The SableFrame is accessible in erratic sizes trimming from 92″, 100″, 106″, 110″, 120″ as good as 135″, in 16:9 HDTV format, as good as 109″ as good as 114″ in 16:10 WXGA format.

GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality as good as GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified

Elite Screens have been approved for protected operate indoors by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, which certifies products with low containing alkali emissions. Children & School acceptance equates to which Elite Screens have been preferred for operate in schools, as good as alternative education, military, as good as eremite environments.

Four Available Screen Materials

CineWhite (Tension Matte White) has extended light apportionment by freeing uniformity, black & white contrariety as good as loyal tone delivery creation it the many versatile in Elite’s tensions shade product lines. This tragedy PVC aspect is the most appropriate preference for today’s high-contrast comparative measure projectors in blurb or residential presentations. The CineWhite element equals the opening to the Elite Screen MaxWhite product, though improves the knowledge with the aloft aspect flatness. Uniform freeing aspect has black-backing to discharge light invasion as good as is simply washable with amiable soap as good as water.

The AcousticPro1080P2 has the matte white aspect with the 1.0 benefit which provides glorious tone neutrality for glorious tone reproduction along with far-reaching freeing uniformity. The bony wobble element is written to concede wall-speaker receptive to advice to inhale by the shade whilst expelling the visible artifact well known as moiré effect. The pointing pointed filigree of the element allows viewers to suffer the visually aloft display with clever tone neutrality as good as artifact-free performance. The element is undiluted foruse with local 1080p projectors for home motion picture as good as blurb applications.

The PowerGain is undiluted for environments where sum ambient light carry out cannot be attained, as good as achieves the most appropriate formula with the tall resolution-low outlay DLP projector. This is an bony contemplative element with the 1.8 benefit which provides frail tone reproduction, black & white contrariety as good as resists prohibited spotting in the participation of ambient light. The textured pearlescent element has black-backing to equivocate light invasion as good as can be safely spotless with amiable soap as good as water.

Elite’s Airbright 3D/2D element provides glorious liughtness as good as contrariety for possibly the unchanging 2-dimensional or full-immersion 3D presentation. The screen material has the liughtness of 2.0 benefit as good as the 120-degree far-reaching observation point of view creation it preferred for home motion picture as good as blurb applications. Material is the fiberglass-reinforced multi-layer woven shade fabric for extended flatness as good as durability. The silver-white protecting aspect cloaking is the contemplative devalue which is textured to safeguard the abyss of operate in 3D presentations. It is written to raise the aloft contrariety comparative measure whilst personification in tall clarification video modes.

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