Epson ES1000 Ultra Portable Tabletop Projection Screen


The must-have partner for mobile presentations. The ES1000 ultraportable tabletop projection shade is the idealisation appendage for mobile professionals. Whether you’re upon foot opposite town, travelling by automobile or drifting to your subsequent destination, this lightweight, compress shade is the undiluted roving partner for on-the-go presentations. When you’re ready to present, theES1000’s singular one-piece pattern allows we to set up fast as well as simply upon any tabletop in reduction than30 seconds. It in the centre accommodates up to the 50-Inch (diagonal) image. When it’s time to close down, the ES1000 stores fast as well as simply in usually seconds.

  • Fast, easy setup upon any tabletop — innovative, one-piece design, so you’re ready to benefaction in seconds
  • The undiluted fit for any presentation — arrangement up to the 50″ (diagonal) image
  • Lightweight as well as travel-friendly — take it to the discussion room or take it upon the road; simply fits in transport beyond compartments (only 8.8 lb, 34.5″ long)
  • Additional Features

    • Perfect portability — when closed, the ES1000 forms the own carrying box (just 34.5” long), with available hoop included
    • Brilliant images — bright, white shade ensures extraordinary presentations
    • The undiluted partner for the mobile presenter — functions with any home or commercial operation projector
    • Expandable shade to encounter many any need — customary (4:3), accommodates widescreen (16:9)

    What the press is saying:

    Projector Central Logo “The Epson ES1000 eliminates any obstacles to the good picture by on condition that an optimal projection surface, up to 50 inches in diagonal, in the rarely portable, take-anywhere design.” Jeff Janas, Projector Central, (June 7, 2011)

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