Sony unveiled 3LCD projector with Laser Light Source Technology


At the Integrated Systems Europe event, improved well known as ISE 2013, Sony denounced the initial projector with Laser Light Source Technology, the WUXGA designation projector. The projector is modeled after the integrate of renouned units in Sony’s F-series, as well as it boasts multiform features, together with up to 20,000 maintenance-free hours of use.

This device binds the pretension of world’s initial 4,000 lumens, 3LCD laster 1920 x 1200 fortitude projector. It is the brightest in the market, as well as is written with both schools as well as corporate businesses in mind. The device is written so which it can be used for lengthened time spans, as well as so which it has the prolonged maintenance-free duration, which is shabby by the sourroundings as well as setup.

The device’s well-developed liughtness is the outcome of lasers instead of LEDs, which many projectors in the category use. The light constructed by the lasers passes by the 3LCD engine, with the ensuing pattern being brighter than your normal projector picture, with fast colors as well as really frail contrariety ratios.

The projector’s pattern is formed upon the VPL-FH31 as well as the VPL-FH36 indication projectors. According to Sony’s announcement, the device is written so which it can be simply implemented in to the accumulation of opposite environments, either the the classroom or the house room or somewhere else altogether. It has the white finish so which it blends in to the environment.

The device is slated for launch this summer.

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